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Dux MD Pharma Solutions SRL was founded in 2015, being the first act of courage and confidence building for the two people, with extensive professional experience in the field of pharma, who laid the foundations of these companies. The desire that formed the basis of this business was that of transparency, freedom and novelty by updating the working principles of companies by implementing ideas from the actual work of working with the client, patient, partner or even the competitor, combining office work with the field one.

After a period of organization and structuring of objectives, budgets and negotiation of partnerships with potential suppliers, in 2016 two suppliers from the United Kingdom and Germany entered the portfolio. The product indications were addressed to two different areas of interest:

  • market testing with innovative products, in high demand in other countries, with indication to the mass of the population, product for prevention against viruses and bacteria (being introduced in the market the first nasal spray that could be administered both in the nose and mouth, included in the category of devices with a composition of natural ingredients, the effectiveness of which has been demonstrated by several clinical studies, creating a barrier against the adhesion and development of several types of virus strains - nowadays it would have been a real success if the market have been prepared at that time for such a product and for such a principle and concept, that of prevention)
  • entering a niche market, that of IVF clinics, with orthomolecular products (in countries such as Germany, there is even a branch of orthomolecular medicine that studies the principle of prevention and treatment of diseases through a true intake of micro and macronutrients), which have confirmed both by the efficiency and by the greater openness to innovation of doctors in this branch of medicine.

2017 and 2018 were years in which, adopting a slow and secure growth rate, the company managed to find a place in the market, among many companies and among large multinationals with fabulous marketing budgets and a large number of employees. We have established principles related to the way of working, the team, the reaction of the consumer and his profile as well as the directions in which the company should direct its direction.

Thus, in 2019 we added to the product portfolio partners from Italy, Latvia, Sweden and Israel with products from areas such as Gynecology and Urology.

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Our Mission

We keep the same principles that motivated us in creating the company, namely: TRANSPARENCY, FREEDOM, NEW and we continue in the established directions but we constantly learn that every day is a chance to prove that we are better and for this reason we clearly diversify the services we can provide to partners interested in stable and sustainable collaborations, adapted to their needs, by offering quality services provided by specialized staff with over 30 years of experience in the field.

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About us

In 2020, the year of the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic was the year of completing the customer relationship management application and accelerating the digitization processes within the company. Thus, we managed to adapt more easily to the new changes to which the economic environment and the whole world have been subjected.

Now, moving to a new stage, we consider that each project started and completed was a step towards maturing and increasing the company's stability in the market in which it operates.