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Dux MD Pharma Solutions

OfficeBd. Timisoara, Nr. 94, Et 2, Camera 6, Sector 6, Bucharest, Romania

Working hours: Monday - Friday: 9.00 – 17.30

Legal Entities (pharmacies, online stores, online pharmacies)

  • What they want:
  • to purchase or obtain more information about the company's or partners' products (prices, campaigns, offers)
  • arranging a meeting with one of the company's representatives

E-mail: / Phone or WhatsApp: +40 727 038 389

Individuals which:

  • are interested in the products sold, who want to receive information about products (prices, campaigns, offers) or want to buy them
  • would like to receive the advice of one of the company's collaborating specialists (doctors), from the areas of recommendation of the products sold, regarding a personal problem and their opinion (we mention that the questions received, following that their answers will be communicated to the patient by email)

E-mail: / Phone or WhatsApp: +40 769 954 577

Specialists in the medical field (doctors, pharmacists, Importers, Local or External Manufacturers)

  • Who want a reliable, flexible partner who listens and tries to find the best solutions for the success of the projects
  • For the submission of requests for detailed information on the products in the portfolio
  • In order to develop or digitize the business (benefiting from the other services offered by the company)

Email: / Phone or WhatsApp: +40 724 302 230