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Specialized and knowledgeable staff is needed to carry out commercial operations that introduce products from well-known manufacturers in or outside the European Union. Thus, the documents of origin of the selected products and suppliers are verified. The quality of the products is also checked.
Dux MD provides you with specialized staff, with experience and expertise, to facilitate the import process.

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Distribution and Storage

For the storage of all categories of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, but also for the internal distribution according to the manufacturers' requirements, including the possibility of transport with controlled temperature (15-25oC, 2-8oC, 8-15oC), Dux MD comes to your aid.
Dux MD distribution and storage services are offered according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, made in partnership with companies operating according to international standards, with warehouses arranged according to GDP requirements and in accordance with international norms.

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Dux MD offers you the expertise and experience gained in over 30 years of activity in the pharmaceutical field. From strategy to effective implementation of marketing activities, you can benefit from our help.
Marketing services are complex and include the following activities:

  • Campaigns in partnership with customers who purchase the company's products or partners;
  • Social media - content management and creation depending on the client's typology + facilitating / proposing partnerships with influencers;
  • Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Youtube Ads;
  • Graphic design and DTP;
  • Facilitating PR, advertising and printing services at advantageous prices as a result of partnerships with renowned companies in the field;
  • Establishing strategies for product launch and management;
  • Creating strategies for market penetration and customer targeting;
  • Organizing and brokering radio / tv / street marketing / consumer email / flyer info campaigns (via mailboxes);
  • Creating advertisements and exposure in specialized magazines.
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IT Solutions

Dux MD offers you consultancy, maintenance and the possibility to develop applications that will facilitate your organization and management process.

We offer you:

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - specially adapted for the pharmaceutical industry;
  2. Website Development - creating structures with different functionalities and customized according to your requirements;
  3. Application development - designing applications according to needs and requirements.
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Promotions and Sales

You can have a Medical Representative or a Sales Representative from the Dux MD team, being or not specially dedicated to your projects - without having to worry about recruitment or logistics services. If you are not yet at the level of enlarging your team, we offer you the chance to have a Representative when you need it, being able to adapt the offer depending on the size of the portfolio or the company's strategies.

The promotion and sales service is performed in two ways, by direct contact with the doctor / pharmacist to whom the Medical Representative or Sales Representative promotes and sells the products, but also remotely by telephone, when the telesales operator cumulates the promotion and sales activity, presenting a database of approximately 2500 pharmacies (representing apx 30% of the total pharmacies in Romania) monthly offers or news from the portfolio.

Picture for category Registration, Notification and Authorization
Registration, Notification and Authorization

We provide you with staff with experience in the field of registration or notification of products, as well as obtaining the necessary authorizations from ANMDM for marketing activities and services. Thus, the process becomes simpler for you, and the time invested is shortened.

If you want to obtain certification for trademark protection, we can help you check its availability and register at national level through the competent office (OSIM) or regionally through the regional office (EUIPO) - depending on the state where you want trademark protection and treaties to which he is a party.